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An acknowledgement of those who have graciously given in support of Austin Graduate School of Theology from May 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011.

Keepers of the Flame
Non-Monthly Donors
Iva Lea Barton
Al and Linda Davis
James and Barbara Dye
Don (B.A. ’89) and Suzy Ericson
Yvette Garcia (M.S. '98)
Jerry and Laurie James
Curtis and Barry Linge
Abe and Phyllis Malherbe
Kevin and Nathalie McDonald
Henry Mitchell
Presley and Mae Orsburn
James and Barbara Penland
Ralph and Mary Pope
Stan and Faith Rumph
Joe Shaver
Clyde and Rachel Slimp
Bruce and Sharon Utley
Philip (B.A. '11) and Donna Vick
Richard and Sandra Young


Monthly Donors
Troy and Tiffany Blackmon
Tom (M.A. ’05) and Michelle Brown
Bob and LaJuana Burgess
John (B.A. ’06) and Kimberly Cardenas
Jerry and Sheila Christian
Garrett (B.A. ‘82) and Lee Ann Cogswell
John and Billie Davis
Jarrod and Sarah Dyer
Barbara Eldridge (deceased)
Austin and Barbara Emery
Bruce and Jane Evans
Frankie Fowler (M.A. ’08)
Kevin and Donna Fraser
William and Mary Lou Free
Hugh and Elaine Gainey
Neil and Marsha Haney
Traci Hawkins (M.A. ’08)
Frances Horn
Marshall and Margie Jennings
Miles Kaltenbaugh
Joe and Renee Kennell
Rodney and Lawanna Lloyd
Brooks and Mary Ann Loveless
Allan and Patricia McNicol
Rob and Mica McNicol
Arthur and Marilou Moseley
Ottie and Fran Olson
Wanda Primrose
Stan and Laynne Reid
Matt (B.S. ’89) and Angela Soper
Becky Stewart
Michael (B.A. ’01, M.A. ’03) and Valerie Sutton
Lonnie and Debbie Vickers
Dan Watson
Fred and Joan Weaver
Karen Weber
Robert and Sara Jane White
Robert and Lynne Williams
Mickey and Barbara Wireman


Memorial Gifts
Lillian Cook
Dorothy Jim Plemons
Stan and Laynne Reid
Dan and Lynn Snow
Alpheus “Al” Hall
Dan and Andrea Nicewander
Veronica Hampton
Allan and Patricia McNicol
Marcella Hubbard
Dan and Lynn Snow
Ronald Kennell
Joe and Renee Kennell
Lewis Kull
Sheryl Horn
Jannet Pritchard
Gwen White
Eddie Termin
James and Patricia Jennings
John and Billie Thompson
Sheryl Horn
Eleda Young
Gwen White


Living Honors
Bill and Carole Bradley
Bryon and Angie Stone
Wyatt and Chris Sawyer
Rudy and Aven Rountree

Chevron Matching Gift Program
Intel Corporation
Snow Oil & Gas, Inc.


Andrews Church of Christ
Bering Drive Church of Christ, Houston
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, Austin
Daugherty Street Church of Christ, Eastland
Gatesville Church of Christ
Pond Springs Church of Christ, Austin
Smithwick Church of Christ, Marble Falls
Sunset Ridge Church of Christ, San Antonio
University Avenue Church of Christ, Austin
Western Hills Church of Christ, Austin

Your generous support of Austin Graduate School of Theology provides scholarships for deserving students, maintains a quality faculty, and sustains Austin Grad’s mission. Donations to Austin Graduate School of Theology may be given on a monthly or a one-time basis. They may be given in person,

You may mail a check, money order, or credit card number to our physical address at Austin Graduate School of Theology, Development Office, 7640 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas  78752-1333. We will notify you when we receive your gift. Donors may also call and use their credit card to give over the phone. Our toll free number is 1-866-AUS-GRAD (287-4723). In Austin, our number is 512-476-2772. A simple and easy way to support Austin Graduate School of Theology is by donating online through our website.



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