If you are a minister, elder or teacher in a congregation of Churches of Christ and would be interested in participating in a moderated email discussion of "A Christian Affirmation" beginning on or about July 15, 2005, please send an email to discuss@christianaffirmation.org with the following information, which will not be shared with any other organization for any purpose:
  1) Your name

2) The name and location (city, state) of the local congregation of which you are an active member

3) Your role in this congregation (minister, elder, or teacher)

We propose to limit the participants in this online conversation to ministers, elders, and teachers not because we do not value the perspectives of others but so that we might engage in a conversation that is (1) manageable in scope and (2) of most immediate benefit to our churches. Participants should be prepared to discuss contested questions openly and substantively without engaging in personal attack. A pledge to abide by such guidelines will be a condition for participating in the discussion.

We will contact you early in the summer regarding further plans for the online discussion. In the meantime, please pray that this conversation, and all discussion occasioned by "A Christian Affirmation," will increase understanding of our common faith and strengthen the ministry of Christ's church.

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